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The A17.1 Code: A Century of Progress for Safety (1921 – 2021)

Author: Elevator World
Format: Softcover
Publication Date: 2021


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This limited edition book is a celebration of the ASME A17 Committee on Elevators and Escalators 100 years of publishing the code. The publication highlights leadership, code changes and industry developments over the past century. A great piece of VT history to add to your collection or give as a gift!

"The A17 story unfolded more than a century ago when 65 people came together in the Engineering Societies Building, NYC, to formulate the first model elevator safety code, subsequently identified as the A17 Code. Since those early days, scores of A17 Committee members have come together to produce 22 editions, 26 supplements and 15 addenda of the A17.1 Code. In addition, the A17 code-writers produced numerous other documents within the A17 family of publications. They were developed by countless people over a century.

The A17 story is about vertical transportation and people. Through this special historical publication, the A17 Centennial Project Committee will explore elevator industry history along the 1st century timeline and its many A17 Committee members who produced the A17 Code. The notable members are profiled in Appendix Charts 5 and 6, each covering half a century. They are the A17 “Movers and Shakers”!"

Only 300 copies will be available to the public in print.

Click here to read the Preface, Acknowledgements and Table of Contents.

Read this article that appeared in ELEVATOR WORLD magazine to learn more about the history of the A 17.1 code and this book.

Limited Edition Print | 84 Pages | 1 lb.

Author Bio

Elevator World, Inc. is the largest publisher in the world devoted to the elevator industry: publishing a monthly journal; compiling the Elevator World SOURCE, the most inclusive directory in the industry; publishing numerous books used for industry education; maintaining ELENET, a biweekly email newsletter; and developing the Elevator World online network, a group of specialized websites with more than 70,000 users a month. Elevator World is the publisher and distributor of the print-based materials for the four-year Certified Elevator Technician (CET) Education Program. The company has played a key role in the transfer of knowledge in the vertical-transportation industry.

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