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Timeless Editions – Three Book Set

Format: HARD (Hardcover)
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Jallings' Elevators

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Electric Elevators: Books 1 & 2 (Combined)

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Because so much of our industry's equipment has withstood the test of time, books published earlier in the century continue to have educational as well as historical value. Own the entire set of these timeless publications for one low price.

Included in the set are (each book can also be purchased separately by clicking on the title):

Author Bio

John H. Jallings was a mechanical and elevator engineer with nearly fifty years of actual experience in elevator building.
br> Fred Annett was a true giver as well as an engineer, willing to share with other through his editing work at Power magazine and lecturing. Fred Annett became ELEVATOR WORLD's first subscriber and contributed articles to it. He religiously visited the major companies during the 1950s to seek and share knowledge with their engineers with whom he had a special rapport. Readers will find he was an excellent reporter, his clear and concise writing making complex subjects easily understood.

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