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Jallings’ Elevators

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Author: John H. Jallings
Format: HARD (Hardcover)
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Presenting the development and design of hand, belt, steam, hydraulic and electric elevators, Jallings' Elevators served as a popular reference during the early 20th century. Starting with the fundamental principles of elevator technology, the book describes - in substantial detail -mechanical equipment, as well as cars and car frames, guide rails and hoist ropes.

The graphics of the Limited Edition, originally published in Great Britain in 1918, clearly indicate the turn-of-the-century equipment, along with the similarities existing between early designs and those still being offered and operating in today's marketplace.


  • Hand Powered Elevators
  • Belt-Powered Elevators
  • Worm and Gear
  • Steam Elevators
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Electric Elevators
  • Equipment Design and Construction

Hard Cover | 420 Pages | 2 lbs.

Author Bio

John H. Jallings, a mechanical and elevator engineer, had behind him nearly fifty years of actual experience in elevator building.

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