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Vertical Transportation Technology Review, Volume 2 (Print)

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Format: SOFT (Softcover)
Publication Date: 2009

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Volume 2 of the series includes five technical dissertations from the U.K.'s University College Northampton's Masters in Lift Engineering program.

Topics include:

  • Effectively Communicating Code Requirements for Interfaces Between Building Systems and Elevator Systems
  • An Investigation into Accidents Involving Luggage Trolleys And/Or Shopping Carts on Escalators
  • The Future of the Lift Maintenance Business
  • A Study of the Actual Power Relative to the Theoretical Power Consumption of a Variable Frequency Drive Hydraulic System and How it Benefits the User
  • A Critical Comparison of Coated Steel Belts against Steel Wire Ropes as Applied to the Lift Industry.

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Soft Cover | 252 Pages | 3 lbs.

Author Bio

Elevator World, Inc. is the largest publisher in the world devoted to the elevator industry: publishing a monthly journal; compiling the Elevator World SOURCE, the most inclusive directory in the industry; publishing numerous books used for industry education; maintaining ELENET, a biweekly email newsletter; and developing the Elevator World online network, a group of specialized websites with more than 70,000 users a month. Elevator World is the publisher and distributor of the print-based materials for the four-year Certified Elevator Technician (CET) Education Program. The company is 62 years old and has played a key role in the transfer of knowledge in the vertical-transportation industry.

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