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The Escalator Set (Digital)

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Escalator Engineering (Digital)

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Escalator Safety (Digital)

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This set includes two much-needed books covering escalators. Each book can also be purchased individually by clicking on the respective title below.

Escalator Engineering:

Urbanization has been changing face of our cities for quite some time. This process is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Escalators and moving walks (MWs) are important integrants of today's infrastructure. They play an essential role in the mass transportation of passengers in airports, metro stations and other public places. This role is continuously increasing with the growth in public-transit systems around the world. In recent years, many new technologies have promised an advanced standard for escalator efficiency, energy savings, safety and comfort.

This new book provides the reader with an abundance of practical information related to escalator design and engineering. It includes information on the latest technology, specification and equipment available in the market, and is segmented into chapters consisting of:

  • General description
  • History of escalators
  • Engineering of components
  • Principles of mechanics related to escalator design, special escalators (spiral, heavy duty, outdoor and helical)
  • Design of moving walks

Escalator Safety:

Among vertical transportation devices, escalators and moving walks accommodate the greatest volume of passengers. Today, it is hard to imagine subway stations, airport terminals, malls and other public buildings without them. This much-needed book explores escalator safety in detail by studying different types of real-life accidents and providing information on related safety systems and solutions. This book can be helpful to all who need more information on safety codes for escalators and moving walks.

Author Bio

Ben Abbaspour has been senior engineer at ABBA Engineering in Solana Beach, California, since 2006. He has also been a consultant for Hydranics in Rancho Santa Fe, California, since 2001. Prior to these positions, he served as president of Amlift International Inc. in San Diego, Elevator Equipment Corp. in Los Angeles and Science Laboratories in Tehran, Iran. He has also been chief engineer of Elevator Equipment Co., also in Los Angeles. Some of Abbaspour's achievements include creating, launching and managing the startup of an elevator company in San Diego; designing, developing, prototyping and launching a new elevator for the U.S. market; launching the Just In Time concept and strict purchasing discipline at two plants; and designing and developing a Microsoft¨ Windows¨-based quote program for the sizing and pricing of elevators. Abbaspour has also designed, built and utilized a fully computerized test tower for the testing of hydraulic valves. Abbaspour holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from AMUUniversity and an MS in the same discipline from Northwestern University. He has been trained in the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

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