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Elevator Mechanical Design, 3rd Edition | Hebrew Version (Digital)

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Author: Rips Elévators
Format: Digital Only
Publication Date: 2020


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This best-selling book is now available in Hebrew. This digital book describes the technology of “how to achieve the mechanical aspects of the design” of an electric elevator as well as discussing why the designs are implemented in a particular way. In addition, the principals and concepts of all the mechanical components of an elevator are discussed in detail, supported wherever necessary by mathematical analysis, figures, and examples. A full description and comparison of international standards is also included.

This third edition of Elevator Mechanical Design benefits from a logical and clear arrangement of the topics and many worked examples.

Readership: Designers, manufacturers, operators, maintenance management and safety personnel. Electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, transportation and vertical transportation engineers, passenger control operators in the elevator industry. Researchers and students of transportation science. Architects and building service engineers.

Chapters include:

1. Definition of the mechanical system and component parts
2. Suspension of car and counterweight
3. Types of drive
4. Elevator Machines
5. Brakes
6. Counterweight
7. Guiding the car and counterweight
8. Safety Gear
9. Buffers
10. Car Frame
11. Doors and door operators
12. Elevator hoistway and machine room

Digital Only | 496 Pages

Author Bio

Rips elevators has been one of the leading in Israel in the field of safety testing and consulting for elevators, escalators and lifting facilities for more than 35 years.

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