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EN 115-1: 2017 Online Training Course

Author: Liftinstituut Solutions
Format: Online Training Course
Publication Date: 2020


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This online training course is conducted by Liftinstituut Solutions, one of Europe’s leading vertical transportation consultancy organizations.

This course will focus on requirements for installation, design and safety of escalators with moving walks. Trainings will also give general information about working principles of escalators and moving walks. The safety issues for installation and design will be investigated in deep. Final checks and tests will be explained through and examples from different brands will be shared. The new items in 2017 version will be highlighted.

Please also find the below details for the online trainings:

  • The online trainings are executed on the WebEx platform without any interruption. You can ask any question or share comments during the training at any time.The WebEx software must be downloaded to the computer you will be using during the training before entering each session. You can download it here.
  • Before the training you will receive a link and a password from a Liftinstituut representative so you can enter the training room. Since this is a global training course, the time and dates of your training course will also be sent to you based upon the most appropriate time for all trainees. You will receive this information by email in the first few days of the month.
  • You must register by the last day of the month to participate in the next months scheduled training.
  • The training course takes one month to complete and is divided into four sessions - one session each week. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.

    Training Schedule:
    This training course has guaranteed availability in December 2020. It can also be given in any other month with at least five or more participants. At checkout, please note in the comments field which month you would like to take this course.

Author Bio

Around the world, millions of people rely daily on the ability to use elevators, escalators, and other vertical transport systems safely, comfortably, and without any problems. The independent and highly skilled consultants at Liftinstituut Solutions work hard every day to make this happen. Knowledge, efficiency, and performance are paramount. Motivated by safety and our passion for technology, we help building managers and owners as well as producers worldwide to make the right decisions on construction, maintenance, and modernization. Our focus here is not only on the installation, but also on its environment. What is important to users and the owner? Our aim is to create a win-win situation for all parties.

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