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Elevator Engineering, 2nd Edition (Digital)

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Format: Digital
Publication Date: 2016



Elevator Engineering, Second Edition presents a roadmap of elevator design and acts as a complete guide to practical engineering based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A17.1-2013/Canadian Standards Authority B44-13 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

This new edition includes the latest code revisions of A17.1-2013 plus information on new technologies such as rope-less electric elevators, destination control systems, Ultra-rope, energy efficient machines and more. With more than 45 examples of essential and comprehensive elevator calculations relating to both traction and hydraulic units, Elevator Engineering, Second Edition is suitable for a wide audience.

Also available in print.

Digital | 452 pages

Author Bio

Ben Abbaspour has been senior engineer at ABBA Engineering in Solana Beach, California, since 2006. He has also been a consultant for Hydranics in Rancho Santa Fe, California, since 2001. Prior to these positions, he served as president of Amlift International Inc. in San Diego, Elevator Equipment Corp. in Los Angeles and Science Laboratories in Tehran, Iran. He has also been chief engineer of Elevator Equipment Co., also in Los Angeles. Some of Abbaspour's achievements include creating, launching and managing the startup of an elevator company in San Diego; designing, developing, prototyping and launching a new elevator for the U.S. market; launching the Just In Time concept and strict purchasing discipline at two plants; and designing and developing a Microsoft¨ Windows¨-based quote program for the sizing and pricing of elevators. Abbaspour has also designed, built and utilized a fully computerized test tower for the testing of hydraulic valves. Abbaspour holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from AMUUniversity and an MS in the same discipline from Northwestern University. He has been trained in the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

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