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THE ELEVATOR: FROM BASICS TO CALCULUS – Motor Control; Ropes and Traction; Traffic Analysis (Digital)

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Author: Dr. Albert So
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This new book first provides a quick introductory review on elevator systems to help readers who have no background knowledge in elevator technology get into the world of elevators. It then leads to its three major parts: "Motor Drive and Control," "Ropes and Traction" and “Traffic Analysis.”

There are four chapters in each, which gradually increase in depth. This material is mainly for technical undergraduate/postgraduate students and professionals, as they are mainly mathematical. Having said that, the mathematics are only up to the level of simple calculus, involving differential equations of the second order. The rest is mainly high-school algebra and geometry. Detailed explanations help readers follow the derivation of all formulae.

Learning reinforcement questions and answers are also provided for each chapter.

Part I: Motor Drive and Control

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Major Elevator Drives
  • Chapter 2: Drives in DC Motors and AC Induction Motors
  • Chapter 3: AC2, ACVV and ACVVVF Scalar Control of Induction Motors
  • Chapter 4: Vectored Control of Induction Motors

Part II: Ropes and Traction

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Hoist Ropes
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Traction
  • Chapter 3: Traction Between Ropes and Grooves
  • Chapter 4: Life of Hoist Ropes

Part III: Traffic Analysis

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Major Components in Traffic Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Elevator Kinematics
  • Chapter 3: Looking Further Into the RTT Equation
  • Chapter 4: Escalators, Further Considerations and Control

  • Digital Only | 136 Pages

Author Bio

Dr. Albert So is an executive board member and scientific advisor of the International Association of Elevator Engineers (IAEE). He is also the academic secretary for the IAEE HK- China Branch and honorary visiting professor of the University of Northampton in the U.K. He serves on the Technical Advisory Group of Elevator World, Inc., and is based in Seattle.

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