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Certificate of Competency Study Package

Author: Elevator World
Format: Softcover
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Elevator Maintenance Manual - 3rd Edition


Installation Manual - 2014 Edition


2020 Elevator Industry Field Employees' Safety Handbook (Digital) - English version


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Currently, Elevator World administers the Certificate of Competency for the states of Florida and Indiana.

To help ensure students have access to the proper study materials, we have combined the necessary core knowledge educational materials into one package at a 15% discount.

The books included in the package consist of:

The remaining study material is the ASME A17.1 Safety Code. Each state is working under a different code year. You can purchase the following code years from Elevator World: 2019, 2013 and 2016.
We also sell the A17.1-2022 edition.
If another code year is needed, the student should purchase it from ASME if this is needed.

All questions related to this test are drawn from these materials so this study package is highly encouraged to assist in passing the exam.

This study package is also available in a digital edition. Please note that the digital editions of these books are not PDF's. They are licensed in an app that cannot be freely shared. The books can be licensed on up to two devices (such as a mobile phone and iPad or desktop) and printed three pages at a time. It can also be viewed as a web player outside the app. It includes features such as annotations, table of contents and search functions.

***IMPORTANT*** The Study Packages (print and/or digital) are non-returnable items.

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