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Educational Focus, Volume 3 (Print)

Format: Spiral Bound
Publication Date: 2017


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Volume 3 of our Educational Focus series is a compilation of ELEVATOR WORLD articles that focus on Escalators, Hydraulic Lifts, Operations and Maintenance, and Energy. The four sections of intense study material are taken from ELEVATOR WORLD magazine during the time frame of 2005-2013.

The articles contained in this book have been developed by some of the elevator industry's most highly respected field technicians and leading technical educators. The authors have presented detailed explanations and hands-on procedures/tips of how to install, maintain, inspect and troubleshoot equipment. The sections are each suitable for continuing education (CE) credit.

Dr. Albert So, an Elevator World technical advisor, introduces every section. Each article/chapter within the section has learning-reinforcement questions, examination assessment questions, as well as a tutorial by Dr. So, where certain points within the article are clarified and elaborated on.

Spiral Bound | 172 Pages | 2 lbs.

Author Bio

Elevator World, Inc. is the largest publisher in the world devoted to the elevator industry: publishing a monthly journal; compiling the Elevator World SOURCE, the most inclusive directory in the industry; publishing numerous books used for industry education; maintaining ELENET, a biweekly email newsletter; and developing the Elevator World online network, a group of specialized websites with more than 70,000 users a month. Elevator World is the publisher and distributor of the print-based materials for the four-year Certified Elevator Technician (CET) Education Program. The company is 66 years old and has played a key role in the transfer of knowledge in the vertical-transportation industry.

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