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ADA & Building Transportation, 4th Edition (Print)

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Author: Edward A. Donoghue and Brian D. Black
Format: SOFT (Softcover)
Publication Date: 2011


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A question often asked is what accessibility standard do I follow: ADAAG, ADA/ABAAG, FHAA, MGRAD,UFAS, ANSI A.117 or local requirements? Many are of the mistaken impression they must only comply with the ADA regulations. While ADA regulations have taken center stage, they do not apply universally.

This handbook on accessibility regulations for elevators, platform lifts and escalators contains rationale for the requirements; explanations, examples and excerpts from the codes, standards and regulations that are referenced. The information was compiled from committee minutes, correspondence and interpretations, as well as conversations with past and present personnel involved with the development, implementation, enforcement and interpretation of accessibility regulations. The original intent for many of the requirements is obscure in the records. The authors, therefore, have tried to convey, through text and illustrations, the results of the requirements as applied to equipment installed today. With information of this type, it is hoped that the reader of ADA & Building Transportation, 4th edition will have a better comprehension of, and appreciation for, the various accessibility requirements.

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Softcover | 188 Pages | 3 lbs.

Author Bio

Edward Donoghue is President of Edward A. Donoghue Associates Inc., Code and Safety Consultants, which provides professional consulting services to the elevator industry, architects, engineers, legal professions, building owners and governmental agencies on national an international codes and standards and safety, relating to the design, manufacturing, installations, testing, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of building transportation equipment. Mr. Donoghue is also an author and lecturer.

The late Brian D. Black was president of BDBlack Codes, Inc. and was the Code and Safety Consultant for NEII. He was a member of the ASME A17 Safety code for Elevators and Escalators Standards, Hoistway, Emergency Operations, Outdoor Evacuation Elevators and Code Coordination Committees and the ASME Qualification of Elevator Inspectors Committee.

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