Traction Elevator Poster: 23″ x 32″ (Laminated & Mounted)

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Format: PSTR (Poster)
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Artwork that can be utilized for courtroom presentation, training, or as art decor for your office. This poster is approximately 23" x 32", laminated and mounted on foam board. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Includes labeled diagram of a traction elevator surrounded by the following components:

  • Drum brake
  • Typical overhead sheave arrangement
  • Typical machine room arrangement
  • Geared machine and baseplate assembly
  • Centrifugal governor
  • Roller guide
  • Counterweight assembly
  • Guiderail bracket and insert
  • Governortension sheave arrangement
  • Guide railbrackets
  • Oil buffers
  • Typical entrances
  • Rope terminations
  • Top ofelevator car
Credit: Lift Modernisation Design Guide by Roger Howkins and Anatomy of Elevators.

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