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Elevator Action Micro Player

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Author: My Arcade®
Format: Electronic Micro Video Player
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Take on the role of Agent 17 to carefully navigate multiple floors and collect secret documents, all while avoiding enemy spies using the elevator! Originally released in 1983, Elevator Action is a true landmark of video gaming history. The player comes in a premium 6.75 inch miniature arcade package that features high quality artwork inspired by the original arcade machines.

The fully playable Micro Player features:

  • Original Inspired Artwork - For a high quality and authentic retro look
  • 2.75 Inch Full Color Display - For a premium nostalgic gaming experience
  • Removable Joystick - To play with the directional pad instead if you prefer
  • Audio Features - Includes external speaker, volume controls, and 3.5mm headphone jack
  • User guide in eight languages.
  • Powered by Micro USB or 4 AA Batteries - Sold separately

    Download and view the User Guide here.

    PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final and this product is not returnable.

  • Author Bio

    My Arcade® is led by passionate life long gamers who understand exactly what retro lovers want. This passion is seen in the unique designs and features of their products. They have been developing plug and play and portable gaming devices for well over a decade and bring vast experience in this genre with millions of units sold.

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