Defensive Elevatoring

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Swerrie's "hands-on experience," as well as activity as an inspector, department supervisor, consulting engineer and association official, combined with a knack for communicating, has provided the industry with these compiled articles concerning elevator/escalator safety.

Industry members who design, market, install, maintain, repair, modernize, inspect or operate vertical transportation equipment seek to beaware of hazards and appropriate counter measures. This common concern for safety "in the public interest" has led to the publishing of Defensive Elevatoring.

Softcover | 290 Pages | 1 lb.

Author Bio

D.A. Dee Swerrie first began submitting reports to ELEVATOR WORLD in 1981 when Principal Elevator Safety Engineer for the State of California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health Elevator Unit. Swerrie served two terms as president of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, and later became a member of the NAESA's Board of Certification for elevator inspectors, monitoring its testing and involved in its continual upgrading. When he left government service and entered consulting practice, specializing in safety investigation and expert testimony, information concerning these activities found their way into the materials submitted to ELEVATOR WORLD.