Monsters in the Elevator: A Cooperative Math Card Game for Kids

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Format: HARD (Hardcover)
Publication Date: 2017



In this cooperative math card game for kids, your Elevator is full of Monsters trying to go to work. If the Elevator gets too heavy, it breaks and everyone loses. If the Elevator reaches the 20th floor without breaking, everyone wins!

How Do I Play?

  • There are two decks: The Draw and the Floors. The Draw deck contains Monsters with weight numbers on their bodies.
  • Each Floor of the Elevator is a new round of the game, where players check the new Floor card and the Monster cards in the Elevator to see if any of those Monsters exit (get discarded).
  • Then the players each enter a Monster card from their hand into the Elevator at the same time...
  • ..and finally they add up the weights of the Monsters in the Elevator. If the sum is above the Elevator Capacity (50 x the number of players), the Elevator crashes and everyone loses.
  • Otherwise, everyone is dealt a new card and play continues to the next Floor. All the players win if the Elevator makes it safely to the 20th floor!
Monsters in the Elevator is for 2-6 player, ages 7-to-11 (and up). It takes 2 minutes to learn and 5-20 minutes to play.

Author Bio

My name is Jason Wiser. I teach Art, Animation, and Game Design at Harvard, Tufts, Emerson, and Northeastern Universities. I used to work in console games, but now I make games for my daughter, Yaela, and she loves to share them with others!

When she started to enjoy math, I designed Monsters in the Elevator with Yaela to help her build math confidence and to learn and practice important skills like estimation and arithmetic. Yaela has been play testing my games for years, and she was very excited to be involved in this project. She named many of the monsters, decided which art should go with which weight, and created the Advanced Play mode by suggesting we mix up the Floors to remove the carefully crafted pacing, and place the Floors face-down to remove the ability to plan for the next Floor, creating far more intense gameplay experiences!

We have play tested the game for many months and found kids love the cute Monsters and the excitement of trying to survive each round. Parents love watching their kids get into the calculations to see if the weight is too much on each Floor, and to measure the impact of their choices throughout the game.

We have a fantastic support team of three senior students from The New England Institute of Art: Madeleine Bracket, Jeannie Holmes, and Anna Giannuzzi, who are helping us run demos, design marketing materials, and generally saving the day behind the scenes.