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Not everyone needs the full features of ELEVATE™. ELEVATE Express is the basic version of ELEVATE, but is still more advanced than most other elevator traffic analysis software!

ELEVATE™ Express features include:

  • Analyze up peak traffic using both round trip time calculations and full dynamic simulation.
  • Intended mainly for analysis of office buildings, but may beused for benchmark calculations for other types of building.
  • Calculates result for a range of sizes and speeds in a single run so you can find the optimum solution quickly.
  • Easy to use Windows interface.
  • For high rise building, elevator groups with express zones may be analyzed.
  • Provides comprehensive printable reports with your company name in the title for presentation of your design to clients.
  • Option to upgrade to the full version of ELEVATE

The price includes one year of maintenance and support. The software and manual are available for download from the internet. Once your purchase is complete an unlocking code will be provided which could take up to one business day

Author Bio

Developed by Peters Research, Ltd. (PRL), Elevate Elevator Traffic Analysis and Simulation Software has become the worldwide industry standard, used by more elevator professionals than any other traffic design product. Their software is currently licensed to companies in more than 60 countries. We support the software with a comprehensive maintenance and support program and, in addition, provide training seminars around the world. PRL also offers supplementary services including Design Review and Elevator Traffic Surveys. The company was established in 1997 and is based in Great Kingshill, 35 miles west of London, England.

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