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The Mini Elevator

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Author: Elevator World, Inc.
Format: Model Elevator
Publication Date: 2023



Shipping and handling are included in the price except for Australia. However, duties and taxes are your responsibility. Once your order is placed, please allow 90 days for delivery. The Mini Elevator will require a forklift to unload, and it will come in a wooden crate. Please plan accordingly and consider utilizing a loading dock.

The Mini Elevator is a 3D ¼ scale operating model of a Machine-Room-Less elevator. It is made from recycled materials and all stainless steel, perfect for display in your office, lobby, or at an event. It is an excellent tool to display and demonstrate the inner mechanisms and components of a working elevator, the Mini Elevator is complete with cab, automatic doors, push buttons, controller, counterweights, ropes, and drive.

Contact with any questions or problems placing an order.

Technical specifications of the Mini Elevator:

  • Weight: 250lbs / 113kg
  • Height: 86 in / 218 cm
  • Width: 24 in / 61 cm
  • Elevator Standard: EN 81-20
  • Drive Type: MRL
  • Stops: 2
  • Landing and Car Doors: Center Opening

Additional Details:
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • It consists of components that are produced in a 3D printer and comply with real-life products.
  • When you operate the Mini Elevator, the elevator cab moves like in a real elevator. The overdoor floor indicators will light up according to the direction of travel.
  • It is a plug-and-play system with electrical installation available in 110 or 220 power options.
  • Sliding automatic doors.
  • Voice announcement.
  • Realistic cab design.

Author Bio

Manufactured by Ametal Lift Components in Istanbul, Turkey, Elevator World is the exclusive global sales representative for The Nano Elevator.

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