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Easy Scheduling: A Construction Scheduling Resource Handbook


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Easy Scheduling presents you with a complete set of "real world" scheduling tools that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized construction businesses like yours. Step by step, it shows you how to build a schedule that will synchronize everyone's efforts into an organized system that become the basis of all planning and communication for all your projects.

You'll see how to establish realistic project goals ... how to set checkpoints, activities, relationships and time estimates for each task ... how to establish priorities ... how to create a project flowchart ... and how best to communicate the schedule to keep everyone focused and on track.  And that's just the beginning!  You'll see how to use CSI (Construction Specification Institute) coding to organize and sort tasks, methods and materials across multiple projects as well as improving coordination with subcontractors and suppliers. And if you decide to use a computer for your scheduling, Easy Scheduling shows you how to enter all your project information into Microsoft Project, and generate detailed project plans that cover all of your time and materials requirements, as well as a critical path timeline and a full blown Gantt chart.

The benefits of effective scheduling in construction are too compelling to ignore. You create greater accountability for individual responsibilities. You control your workload. You limit liability. You control deliveries. You manage time and resources. And most importantly, you control your profits. If you want an easy way to get started, Easy Scheduling is the answer for you.

Softcover | 316 Pages | 2 lbs.

Author Bio

For over 71 years, BNi Building News has been dedicated to providing construction professionals with timely and reliable information. Based on this experience, our staff has researched and compiled thousands of up-to-the-minute costs for the BNi Costbooks. This book is an essential reference for contractors, engineers, architects, facility managers - any construction professional who must provide an estimate for any type of building project.

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