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The Ultimate EIAT (Elevator Industry Aptitude Test) Guide [2022]

Format: Online Practice Test
Publication Date: 2022


All the Info and Practice You Need to Pass the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) for All U.S. IUEC Locals in 2022!

Complete Elevator Apprenticeship Test Practice:

Get an accurate practice for the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT). This test offers complete preparation and support for every stage of the elevator industry apprenticeship hiring process.

  • The 1st stage - practice tests covering the 3 sections of the EIAT - math, verbal reasoning, and mechanical aptitude.
  • For the 2nd stage - tool recognition practice tests.
  • For the 3rd and last stage -interview preparation and tips.
What's Included?
  • 5 reading comprehension tests
  • 3 numerical reasoning tests, including 3 guides.
  • 4 Mechanical Aptitude tests, including 3 guides.
  • 5 tools and measurements tests
  • Full personality test and guide for technical positions
  • Interview preparation

What is the EIAT Test?

The EIAT (Elevator Industry Aptitude Test), sometimes referred to as the Elevator Union Test is the initial screening stage for becoming an elevator mechanic. The test is a timed test lasting around 1.5 hours, and is based on multiple-choice questions in 3 sections:

Math 25-35 questions
Mechanical Aptitude 25-35 questions
Verbal Reasoning 25-35 questions

After taking the EIAT, you will be required to take a tool recognition test. The tools test score is not a part of your EIAT score but will be taken into account when calculating your interview score.

For more information, a free EIAT Test PDF Guide, test pricing and how to sign up, click the button below!

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