Elevator Traffic Handbook Theory & Practice, 2nd Edition

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The second edition of this well-respected book covers all aspects of the traffic design and control of vertical transportation systems in buildings, making it an essential reference for vertical transportation engineers, other members of the design team, and researchers. The book introduces the basic principles of circulation, outlines traffic design methods and examines and analyzes traffic control using working examples and case studies to illustrate key points. The latest analysis techniques are set out, and the book is up-to-date with current technology. A unique and well-established book, this much-needed new edition features extensive updates to technology and practice, drawing on the latest international research.

The sections are complete in themselves with worked examples and case studies as appropriate. The latest analysis techniques are set out, and the book is up-to-date with current technology.  The mathematics is simplified whenever possible and copious references are given for further study and examples.

The practicing vertical transportation engineer involved with the sizing of a vertical transportation installation will find this an excellent and authoritative resource. Architects, developers and owners, will find the book a useful reference.

Hardcover | 440 Pages | 3 lbs.

Author Bio

Dr. Gina C. Barney has been in the UK lift industry for 50 years. Currently she is Honorary English Editor of Elevatori, a member of many British Standards Institution's MHE/4 Lift committees and the Technical Editor of CIBSE Guide D. In addition to writing for the industry magazines, Dr. Barney has published over 120 papers and authored, co-authored or edited over 20 books. As Principal of Gina Barney Associates she provides independent advice and opinion on many aspects of vertical transportation, including standards, expert witness, training and publications. She is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

Lutfi Al-Sharif has a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Ph.D. degree in the applications and use of simulation and neural networks in vertical transportation systems and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is a Professor at the University of Jordan and a Visiting Professor at the University of Northampton. He is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Prof Al-Sharif worked as a Lift and Electrical Project Team Leader and headed a Business Unit at London Underground before joining WSP as an Associate Director, and then running his own consultancy firm. Currently he combines his university teaching schedule with consultancy and training for Peters Research Ltd.