CET-S Core Curriculum Pkg (Non-NAEC Member)

Author: National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)
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CET-S Logbook

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CET-S Training Manual

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Anatomy of Elevators (Digital)

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The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) is the provider and administrator of the CET Program. Please visit their website to register, or for more information. 

Kit contains:

    • CET-S Training Manual
    • CET-S Log Book
    • Unit 1 - Elevator History and Basic Safety
    • Unit 2 - Basic Print Reading
    • Unit 3 - Handling Materials & Tools/Rigging & Hoisting
    • Unit 4 - Pit Equipment
    • Unit 5 - Guide Rails
    • Unit 6 - Machine Room Equipment
    • Unit 7 -Hoistway Equipment
    • Unit 8- General Maintenance Practices
    • Unit 9 -Maintenance of Traction Elevators
    • Unit 10 - Maintenance of Hydraulic Elevators
    • Unit 11 - Maintenance of Escalators & Moving Walks
    • Poster of Elevator Systems
    • Anatomy of Elevators (CD)
    • First issue of complimentary subscription of ELEVATOR WORLD

      (Please note the CET-S Kit can be a one-time purchase - the kit can be maintained in-house and used by more than one CET-S. The CET-S Training Manual and CET-S Log Books are elements of the kit that cannot be shared. They can be purchased separately after the purchase of the initial kit if you have more than one CET-S in your company)

    Important: Please make sure you have the candidate's name and number (obtained from NAEC) when you call to purchase.

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