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Ugly's Electrical Safety & NFPA 70E, 2021 Edition (Print)

Ugly’s Electrical Safety & NFPA 70E, 2021 Edition (Print)


New Edition – 2021 The purpose of Ugly’s Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E is to provide recommendations in an abbreviated form. This pocket guide was created to provide a portable resource for field practitioners, electricians, maintenance personnel, contractors, inspectors and engineers. This Ugly’s guide is based on NFPA 70E, Standard…

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People Flow In Buildings

People Flow in Buildings (Print)


Discover how to measure, control, model, and plan people flow within modern buildings with this one-stop resource from a leading professional People Flow in Buildings delivers a comprehensive and insightful description of people flow, analyzed with software-based tools. The book offers readers an up-to-date overview of mathematical optimization methods used…

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2022 ELEVATOR WORLD Source Directory (Print)


Pre-order your copy now and we will ship it as soon as it is published in January 2022. Use coupon code “Source22” to receive 50% off. Elevator World’s SOURCE Directory is the key reference publication for the elevator industry. The SOURCE is used worldwide by government agencies, educators, building owners…

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Construction Fieldbook (English/Spanish)

Construction Fieldbook (English/Spanish) (Print)


This is the handiest construction compliance book you will ever use. The Construction Fieldbook includes all the most frequently referenced OSHA construction regulations, so you’ll be able to answer on-the-job questions quickly and easily. Half of the book is written in English with each paragraph numbered. Flip the book over…

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29 CFR 1910 OSHA General Industry Regulations & Standards

29 CFR 1910 OSHA General Industry Regulations & Standards (Print)


January 2021 Edition Make compliance with dense government safety regulations simple with the 29 CFR 1910 OSHA General Industry Standards and Regulations. The book provides you with a comprehensive set of the most up-to-date General Industry regulations as required by the U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA. This current edition…

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The A17.1 Code: A Century of Progress for Safety (1921 – 2021)


Order your copy now, and we will ship it to you as soon as it becomes available. Anticipated date of publication is early September. This new limited edition book is a celebration of the ASME A17 Committee on Elevators and Escalators 100 years of publishing the code. The publication highlights…

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Escalators (Print)


An escalator is a moving staircase with steps that go up or down. This book discusses how an escalator is based off a conveyor system, moving objects up and down using gears. This form of transportation has made it more convenient to go from one floor to another without walking…

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Elevators (Print)


Have you ever pushed the “up” or “down” button for an elevator? You probably stepped into the elevator car, pressed the number of a different floor in the building, and expected the door to open there – it happens millions of times all around the world every day. Most people…

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Facilities Manager's Costbook 2022 Edition (Print)

Facilities Manager’s Costbook 2022 Edition (Print)


For over 75 years, BNI Building News has been dedicated to providing construction professionals with timely and reliable information. Based on this experience, our staff has researched and compiled thousands of up-to-the-minute costs for the BNI Costbooks. This book is an essential reference for contractors, engineers, architects, facility managers –…

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Elevator Apprentice Passbook


The Elevator Apprentice Passbook prepares you for your test by allowing you to take practice exams in the subjects you need to study. It provides hundreds of questions and answers in the areas that will likely be covered on your upcoming exam, including but not limited to: mechanical aptitude; tools…

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The Solutions to The Elevator: From Basics to Calculus


The Elevator: From Basics to Calculus, including three parts on motor control, ropes and traction, and traffic analysis, respectively, was published by Elevator World as a digital book in late 2019. These materials are mainly for undergraduate/postgraduate engineering students and professionals, as they are quite mathematical in nature. Having said…

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29 CFR OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Regulations, January 2021 Edition (Print)


Save time and lives with OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Regulations. Updated through January 2021, this book supplies you with the most current safety and health information essential to the construction industry. Formatted with the reader-friendly approach to regulations — RegLogic — these complex government standards are easy to navigate, understand,…

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A18.1-2020 Safety Standard For Platform Lifts & Stairway Chairlifts


NEW EDITION This Standard is intended to serve as the basis for state, municipal and other jurisdictional authorities in drafting regulations governing the installation, testing, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of platform lifts and stairway chairlifts. It is also intended as a standard reference of safety requirements for the guidance…

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Defending the Company: A Compilation of the Legal Columns

Defending the Company: A Compilation of General Legal Advice and Cases


This new book collects the late author’s many articles that appeared in ELEVATOR WORLD throughout the November 1998-December 2010 issues. Officially EW’s Legal Issues columnist for nearly a decade, Jacobs wrote on a variety of aspects of claims and lawsuits, always touching on technical, legal and personal aspects. Divided into…

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2021 International Building Code

2021 International Building Code


Featuring time-tested safety concepts and the very latest industry standards in material design, the 2021 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE offers up-to-date, comprehensive insight into the regulations surrounding the design and installation of building systems. It provides valuable structural, fire-and-life-safety provisions that cover means of egress, interior finish requirements, roofs, seismic engineering,…

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Vertical Transportation: A Primer

Vertical Transportation: A Primer


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ: You are purchasing a digital book or video that is accessed through the Flux Player app (not a stand-alone PDF). It’s easy to use and all of your digital purchases will be stored in one place for convenience. Once you make your digital purchase you…

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