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Defending the Company: A Compilation of the Legal Columns

Defending the Company: A Compilation of General Legal Advice and Cases


This new book collects the late author’s many articles that appeared in ELEVATOR WORLD throughout the November 1998-December 2010 issues. Officially EW’s Legal Issues columnist for nearly a decade, Jacobs wrote on a variety of aspects of claims and lawsuits, always touching on technical, legal and personal aspects. Divided into…

Law & Liability – 2nd Edition (Digital)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ: You are purchasing a digital book or video that is accessed through the Flux Player app (not a stand-alone PDF). It’s easy to use and all of your digital purchases will be stored in one place for convenience. Once you make your digital purchase you…

Legal Super Pack


Would you spend $269.99 if it meant protecting your business? Purchase all six products together and save $43 off retail price! Elevator World has put together a legal package that will meet the needs of these industry professionals. The Legal Super Pack contains: Elevator Law and Liability Elevator & Escalator…

Law & Liability – 2nd Edition

Law & Liability – 2nd Edition


The elevator industry has traditionally provided the safest form of public transportation, carrying people more miles without incident or accident than automobiles, buses, trains, aircraft or ships. Even so, “accidents will happen,” and when they do occur, it is the responsibility of management, investigators, risk management and legal specialists to…

Defensive Elevatoring

Defensive Elevatoring


Swerrie’s “hands-on experience,” as well as activity as an inspector, department supervisor, consulting engineer and association official, combined with a knack for communicating, has provided the industry with these compiled articles concerning elevator/escalator safety. Industry members who design, market, install, maintain, repair, modernize, inspect or operate vertical transportation equipment seek…

Elevator & Escalator Accident Reconstruction & Litigation, 4th Edition


You’re considering the case of a maintenance worker injured while repairing an elevator, or an elderly woman hurt on a department store escalator while doing some weekend shopping with her grandchildren. An initial search of the literature has turned up almost nothing useful. Your instinct tells you the cases are…