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Field Employees’ Elevator Testing Manual, 4th Edition


Latest edition – covers look bad but pages are intact.

Ugly’s Electric Motors & Controls, 2017 Edition


Older edition – pages intact, covers are bent.

Ugly’s Electrical Safety & NFPA 70E, 2018 Edition


Pages intact but covers are dented.

Going Up! Elisha Otis’s Trip to the Top

Going Up! Elisha Otis’s Trip to the Top


Pages intact – covers are scratched.

Defending the Company: A Compilation of the Legal Columns

Defending the Company: A Compilation of General Legal Advice and Cases


New edition – pages intact, covers are scratched and folded.

ADA & Building Transportation, 4th Edition


Newest edition – pages are intact – covers don’t look good.

NFPA 70, NEC 2011


Old edition – good condition.

Escalator Engineering


Damaged slightly – covers are dented but all pages are intact.

Automated People Mover Standards, Parts 1-4



NFPA 70E 2018, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace


New condition, old edition.

ENR 2012 Mechanical/Electrical Square Foot Costbook


Old edition, new condition.

Elevator Traffic Handbook, Theory and Practice


Good condition, old edition.

2020 BNI Facilities Manager’s Costbook


Old edition – new condition. Now you can quickly and easily estimate the cost of renovations, repairs, and new construction for all types of facilities and commercial buildings. The 2020 BNI Facilities Manager’s Costbook is the first place to turn, whether you’re preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid,…

Installation Manual - 2014 Edition

Installation Manual – 2014 edition (Clearance)


This is the most recent edition available. Usable condition – covers don’t look good. Some pages are folded. Retail price: $65.00 This 400+ page manual has been completely revised and updated to reflect the step-by-step process of installing elevators and escalators. The book is brimming with photos of actual field…

Escalator Safety

Escalator Safety


Latest edition but slight worn condition. Among vertical transportation devices, escalators and moving walks accommodate the greatest volume of passengers. Today, it is hard to imagine subway stations, airport terminals, malls and other public buildings without them. Even with a cursory look at the condition of existing escalators and moving…

DeWalt Electrical Code Reference (2014)


New condition, old edition Transform complex residential electrical installation requirements into practical, simple, easy-to-understand concepts – all with a tool designed to meet the needs of anyone from the homeowner to an experienced electrician! The DEWALT ELECTRICAL CODE REFERENCE – BASED ON THE NEC 2014 examines all aspects of residential…